How I Added 2,327 Words To My Spanish Vocabulary In Just 4 Hours Of Learning Time Using A Very Simple Technique Called “Cognates”

spanish-teacher-paulHello, this is Paul.

You can see me here with my wife on a recent trip to New York. We live in the south of Mexico, not far from Cancun.

If you’re reading this right now you’re obviously interested in improving your Spanish so…

I’d like to share with you the most powerful way I know to quickly add thousands of words to your Spanish vocabulary. It worked like gang-busters for me!

Now, I know the idea of learning thousands of Spanish words in just a few hours of learning time sounds like nothing more than tacky “sales hype” but I promise to PROVE everything I’m about to reveal to you with live, real-world examples below so keep reading!

This is no trick or gimmick!

Here’s How It Works…

Even though English and Spanish are obviously different languages, they aren’t totally “foreign” to each other…

There are well over 2,000 words in Spanish and English that

  • look the same
  • mean the same
  • and are practically spelt the same too!

It’s only the pronunciation that’s different!

So if you’re going to learn Spanish, why not take advantage of all that FREE vocabulary right at your fingertips?

Simply through being a native English speaker you already have access to a reservoir of more than 2000 Spanish words to instantly tap into…

And as you’ll see later… Studies prove that vocabulary is the #1 most important thing to concentrate on if you want to become fluent in a foreign language.

So in the next few minutes I’m going to show you…

Not only how to identify all this new vocabulary but also how to instantly convert it into picture-perfect Spanish!

And best of all… there’s no writing down or memorizing required!

Because really, you already know all this Spanish vocabulary!

I’ve simply giving the key to unlock it.

Here’s How The Course Breaks Down

Each video will teach you (very deeply) a different category of English words we can easily convert into Spanish with little to no effort whatsoever. Some categories are very powerful and will instantly add hundreds of words to your Spanish vocabulary with just a few minutes while others are smaller.

When you add them all up though, the number of new words is IMPRESSIVE. Especially when you never had to try to learn or remember a single one of them.


 An Instant Rush Of Vocabulary Is Only ONE Aspect Of This Course!

logo mexican man

  • How 60 seconds of “learning time” can add a hundred or more new words to your Spanish vocabulary. (You actually already know them all, you just don’t realize it yet…)
  • Why every English speaker already knows thousands of words in Spanish and the one simple rule that will allow them to “flick the switch” on and unlock each and every of them.
  • How an innocent 5 letter word is your #1 enemy when it comes to learning Spanish. (Out of every 10 people that fail at Spanish, 9 will have failed for this very reason which is why you NEED to be aware of it.)
  • Why “longer & more advanced” Spanish words are no harder to learn and remember than the easiest ones using this system. (You’ll laugh as you effortlessly use “university level” Spanish vocabulary that took others years to master!)
  • Why ‘rote memorization’ and word lists are among the dumbest ways to learn vocabulary. (Thankfully, the “science of language learning” has moved on and linguistic experts now know much better ways of doing it. Unfortunately, most Spanish courses are still stuck in the 1980’s!)
  • Why learning Spanish EXCLUSIVELY FROM NATIVE SPEAKERS is a fatal mistake that will actually slow your progress rather than speed it up. (It’s like asking an airline pilot to fix an airplane engine… not every important thing falls into his area of expertise. I’ll show you a much better way that’s 100% free.)
  • These two keys: ion-cion & ist-ista will instantly add 378 perfect Spanish words to your every day conversation and take less than 10 minutes to learn and activate. (Plus, you’ll never forget a single one them).
  • Did you know that the 80/20 rule applies to speaking Spanish too? For example, 20% of the vocabulary you know will end up being used in 80% of your conversations. Problem is… what words are worth learning and which ones area waste of time? How do you know? (Page 5 on the course book will give you the exact answer).
  • Why I ignore the “conventional wisdom” and never waste my time writing word lists or trying to memorize any of my vocabulary ever. Yet I still manage to recall over 80% of it even after months have gone by! (Did you know that people who learn vocabulary the ‘traditional’ way remember less than 15% of the words they studied after 4 weeks?)

Can’t I Just Find All This Stuff On My Own?

Yes, (it’ll take some digging and categorizing) but you can. Just be aware of the pitfalls! For example…

  • This system is not 100% foolproof. There are actually 100’s of false positives out there, meaning that words look like they should be cognates but in fact are not. (Worst of all these false positives are some of THE most embarrassing mistakes you can fall into during conversation… in the next bullet point I’ll give you a specific example!
  • We all know what the word “excited” means in English however this has only one meaning in Spanish – to be SEXUALLY EXCITED. So if you were say to someone in Spanish “I’m excited to meet your friend today” that would understand that you were “sexually excited” to meet them… pretty embarrassing mistake right? (But this course does all the editing work for you so you’ll only learn the 100% real cognates and none of the garbage).
  • With some searching you can find gigantic word lists of cognates (including all the wrong ones because they were too damn lazy to edit them out for you) but a “word list” doesn’t teach you HOW to actually apply and really learn all this information. This course on the other hand teaches you how to do it instantly make the conversions for yourself within a few split seconds so you can use this all new vocabulary in the real world. (Like when you’re in front of native Spanish speakers in a public situation and the pressure is on to express yourself).

The Clock Is Counting Down On This FREE Bonus

45-extrasI know that if I over-deliver to you on this product, chances are you’ll want to buy more from me in the future.

So with that in mind, inside the members area you’ll also find a bonus video where I let you in on exactly how you can use this technique with Spanish verbs too.

After just 15 minutes (of watching time) you’ll have added a whopping 288 Spanish verbs to your vocabulary, and again… all without any learning, memorizing or written work!

I M P O R T A N T:

This is actually part of a future course I’m working on right now. It’ll be a standalone product in its own right with a sale price of $27. As soon as a I do that I’ll obviously need to remove the bonus from here. Until I do however, you get it for free. Download it now while the link is still live & working in the members area.

The Price & Why I’m Selling This At A Discount

I’d like to be totally upfront. The retail price of this new course is $79.95 however…

No new product is successful online without having the buzz, feedback and testimonials of real people actually using it. This is a new product and it’s important I generate customer testimonials ASAP.

Doing so will allow me to raise the price later on down the road.

The fastest way I can think of to get new customers is by bribing you with an excellent discount so right now you can get the lot for a one-time easy payment of just $39.95 however…

I absolutely will raise this to it’s true value of $79.95 once I have enough feedback to support what my product promises.

I reckon I’ll need about 100 of you to respond to me to do that.

In return for the discount all I ask is that you give me your 100% honest feedback (good, bad or otherwise) after you’ve been through the course. I know that 99.99% of you are decent people so I have no qualms about trusting that you’ll send me your feedback once you’ve been through it, fair enough?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

It only takes a few minutes to find out if this product is going to work wonders for you or not. Here’s what to do…

30 day money back guarantee1. Log into the secure members area directly after purchase

2. Randomly open videos and check out the course book

3. If you don’t start to experience an immediate rush of excitement at just how fast you begin to learn new Spanish vocabulary then simply email me at and I’ll happily refund you. No questions asked.

Or take a full 30 days to go through this at your leisure and at any time within those 30 days, even on day 30, you’re not satisfied I will still cheerfully refund every penny of your purchase and we can remain friends.

I couldn’t possibly do this kind of money back guarantee if my product didn’t do exactly what it said on the tin!

Secure Order Form

O.K Paul, I’ll snap this up for just $79.95 $39.95. In return for the discount I promise to give you my honest feedback once I’be been through the course as you’ve asked.

  • 21 video lessons – to easily add 2327 words to your Spanish vocabulary in 4 hours learning time.
  • Course book (108 pages) – with every word listed in both English and Spanish for future reference and testing.
  • Download the course or watch it online – for maximum flexibility.
  • 1 Year Personal Support – both Danelia and I will personally work with you
  • Free bonus “Instant Spanish Verbs” – instantly add another 288 Spanish verbs in just 15 minutes learning time.
  • Fully iPad/iPhone compatible – watch the videos anytime, anywhere, any device.
  • MP3 downloads – listen to the course while you walk, drive or site on a bus/train.
  • 30 day money back guarantee – 100% real and genuine.
  • All updates free for life – every time we add new content or update the course you get it for free.


Order with confidence on 100% secure servers


Will I Really Remember All The Words After Just One Viewing?

Yes! Because there’s actually nothing to remember. You already know all this vocabulary, I’ve just shown you the key to convert it into perfect Spanish.

Is There Any Writing Down?

No. In the real world when you’re trying to communicate in Spanish with people right in front of you there’s no such thing as notes or word lists – so why develop a debilitating dependency on them now? This course will train your mind to deliver vocabulary you need in a few split sections. No awkward, embarrassing fumbling around… just fluent sentences in Spanish.

Won’t I Forget It All After A While?

Highly unlikely. This is intuitive language learning. Once again… you already know all this information I’m simply showing you how to unlock the door and access all this hidden vocabulary so you can use it immediately. You can’t forget what you already know!

If I Try It And It Doesn’t Work, Can I Get My Money Back?

Yes, absolutely. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee, just email me here and I’ll refund you in full, no questions asked. (See full details further down)

P.S – I know that what you’ve read down this page is a bit controversial and flies in the face of what many of the best known Spanish courses tell you but just remember… all you should care about are “results“, and the video is solid proof of how this REALLY DOES WORK!

Now imagine what the full course will do for you! Click here now to try it for yourself.