Spanish Swear Words – How To Cuss And Curse In Spanish

It might not be the most flattering thing to say but for many of us Spanish swear words were probably among the first Spanish words we ever learned to say! Now before going forward I must state that I consider it absolutely essential to learn to speak Spanish which is grammatically correct and polite however there’s also a lot to be said for throwing something “of the street” into it as well!

If you think about how the vast majority of us speak English then it’s obvious that we’re not exactly sticking to “the Queens English” at all times right? We all use a lot of slang, cuss words, curse words, foul language and so forth in our everyday speech. It’s what makes our speech sound everyday and natural.

In Spanish the same is true. In Mexico where I live, I am constantly hearing the people around me swear and curse. They could be workers on the street or a doctor in the hospital, it really makes no difference. In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with learning swear words in Spanish it’s all about how you use them. When I hear the locals around me swearing it’s really to colour and emphasize what they are trying to express, it’s not about being crude or derogatory to another person.

Ok so without getting too x-rated or graphic (although it’s frankly unavoidable I’m afraid with this topic) I’ll present the following…

The Most Popular Curse Words In Spanish

Here are the bad words in Spanish I use most frequently.

Puta Madre = In Mexico they use it like “fucking hell”, like you’re driving down the street and suddenly you car falls into an enormous hole in the road because the local government couldn’t be bothered to fix it or even warn you that it was there… the thing to say here is “Puta madre!”. Listen, it can also be used to express if you think something is totally awesome like “Está de puta madre!” which would be like saying “It’s fucking awesome!”. This one is very strong so be careful with it.

Coño = If you wish to add extra emphasis to your already strong Puta Madre then stick stick “coño” on the end of it for example “Puta madre coño” (thanks compa Lore for teaching it to me!)

Chinga a tu madre = This is one of the strongest you can use and means “go fuck your mother”. I don’t recommend extended use of this one unless you like getting into fights and into lots of trouble with the Mexican police on a regular basis.

There are also the following useful variations…

  • “Vete y chinga a tu madre”
  • “Vete a la chingada” is great for “go fuck yourself”
  • “Me chingaron”, if you were doing a deal and they cheated you in some way you could later say about it “esos cabrónes me chingaron” which means “those bastards they really fucked me”.
  • ¡Qué chinga! = This is for when you want to say “Oh man, what a pain in the ass”

A La Tuya = It’s basically a remark against someones mother and you can attach any kind of meaning you want to it. (the “tuya” implies tu madre which is feminine). Say you were driving again and someone cut in front of you on the road you could say to them “a la tuya cabrón!”, using it with the appropriate hand signal (thanks compa Nana for teaching me) it is very effective at making other Mexicans mad at you. It’s like saying “Go fuck your mother you bastard” in an implied way rather than outright stating it. The implied meaning will be understood, trust me.

Cabrón = Bastard. So you could say “Qué cabrón!” which would mean “What a bastard!”. Another great way to use it would be if you were finding something tough to do you could say “Está carbrón” about it, meaning “it’s a bastard to try and do this thing, it’s tough”.

Puta = Whore. “Qué puta!” same thing as above

Hijo de puta = Son of a bitch.

Perra = Bitch

Pendejo = This is used for calling someone stupid or a dumb ass. You could say “Qué pendejo” which would mean “What an idiot”. The word “Burro” or “Burra” is also an excellent way to call someone stupid “Qué burro eres” – How stupid you are!

¡No manches! = this is very light, it’s used for “no way!” or “I don’t believe it!”

This Is Important

It order to learn how to swear in Spanish properly you really need to have good role models and examples to follow, for me that’s been Dany, Lore, Nana & Vero (you know who you are!). You really need to hear native Spanish speakers swearing and saying cuss words naturally in order to get the feel of when and where it’s natural to use them.

It’s a little bit of an art – swearing, but one thing it’s sure to do is make your Spanish sound very natural and down to earth. Plus, you’ll almost certainly crack up your Spanish speaking friends into fits of laughter whenever they hear your foreign pronunciation of them. And they’ll almost certainly encourage you to keep using them and try to teach you even more of them as well. At least that’s been my experience!