The Difference Between “I love You” and “I Love Something” In Spanish

In English we can say “I love you” just as easily as “I love running” for example. In other words, you can use the exact same verb in both circumstances.

This is very different from Spanish however so it’s important to understand this in order to keep your Spanish sounding nice and natural!

In Spanish to say “I love you” is of course “Te amo”

However, to say “I love tennis” would NOT be “Amo tennis”, instead they use

Me encanta tennis

Me encanta is actually a very easy and useful handle to know because you can put any verb in front of it and bingo, you’ve just expressed perfectly that you like to love to do it

I love walking – me encanta caminar

I love talking – me encanta hablar

I love singing – me encanta cantar

…and so forth.