Different Ways To Say “Thank You” In Spanish

Of course we all know that to say “Thank you” in Spanish is GRACIAS but there’s a lot more you can add to it.

Saying “gracias” all the time and for every situation becomes very generic, what we want is to instead be able to say thank you for specific things and circumstances. This will immediately lift your Spanish to a more refined level.

The handle is this

Gracias por + any verb

For example, you may want to express

“Thanks for inviting me”. That would be…

Gracias por invitarme

Can you see the handle at work? It’s always Gracias Por (never para) and then the full verb… the infinitive.

Other examples would be for things like

  • Thanks for calling me
  • Thanks for helping me
  • Thanks for everything!

I’m sure you can imagine a great many situations in everyday conversation when expressing thank you in this way would be very useful.

Just watch the video for a full explanation of how to apply this.