Differenet Ways To Say “Sorry” And “Excuse Me”

You know in English we can say “sorry” for a lot of things.

  • When you truly are sorry and it’s an apology
  • When you want to get by someone in a crowded place
  • When you want to get the attention of the shop assistant before asking a question
  • When you didn’t understand what was said to you

… quite a lot of different situations where saying “sorry” in English will suffice”

Well in Spanish it’s not like that. There are 4 distinctive phrases which YOU MUST know and understand when it comes to expressing “sorry” or “excuse me”. The one size fits all (as it can in English) just won’t work.

What expression you use to say “sorry” or “excuse me” in Spanish very much depends upon the situation you find yourself in. That’s what this video is all about, watch it, absorb it and I promise it’ll make life easier the next time your in a Spanish speaking country.