Expressing That You Like Something In Spanish (+ A WARNING)

This video may help you avoid some very embarrassing mistakes later on so pay close attention!

One of the first things we all learn in beginner level Spanish is how to say “I like it” or “I like doing something”. The handle is very easy… me gusta.

However if you apply “me gusta” when talking about people, you get a totally different meaning.

For example, in English we can say “I like you” very innocently to a friend, or it can also mean “I’m attracted to you” when you’re on a date.

Here’s the important part… In Spanish, me gusta is ALWAYS understood as “I’m attracted to you/him/her” when using “me gusta”.

You can see how easy it would be for someone just learning Spanish to think that O.K, in English we say “I like you” and that’s “me gusta” in Spanish… so therefore I’m going to tell my friend that I like them. Big, embarrassing mistake ahead!

I hope this video will save you from that mistake and give me tons of good karma in return for making it for you.