Differenet Ways To Say “Sorry” And “Excuse Me”


You know in English we can say “sorry” for a lot of things. When you truly are sorry and it’s an apology When you want to get by someone in a crowded place When you want to get the attention of the shop assistant before asking a […]

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Expressing That You Like Something In Spanish (+ A WARNING)


This video may help you avoid some very embarrassing mistakes later on so pay close attention! One of the first things we all learn in beginner level Spanish is how to say “I like it” or “I like doing something”. The handle is very easy… me gusta. […]

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The Difference Between “I love You” and “I Love Something” In Spanish


In English we can say “I love you” just as easily as “I love running” for example. In other words, you can use the exact same verb in both circumstances. This is very different from Spanish however so it’s important to understand this in order to keep […]

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How To Say “Once, Twice, Three Times” And So On In Spanish

Here’s a great little lesson in the “Essentials” series. You’ll learn how to express things like I tried 3 times I called him 5 times I did it once and so on… It’s a very useful part of ordinary conversation which you’ll find yourself using over and […]

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Different Ways To Say “Thank You” In Spanish

Of course we all know that to say “Thank you” in Spanish is GRACIAS but there’s a lot more you can add to it. Saying “gracias” all the time and for every situation becomes very generic, what we want is to instead be able to say thank […]

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Learn The Spanish Alphabet

Taking a little time to learn the Spanish alphabet is something well worthwhile. There will be times when you’ll find yourself in situations where you’ll need to spell things out such as an unfamiliar street address for example so it’s an essential little Spanish speaking skill to […]

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