About Me

Hi, this is Paul. I’m the principal instructor here on Lets-Learn-Spanish.com.

In school I learned (or at least they attempted to teach me) German, French, Latin and Italian and of course as a typical teenager I hated every one of them.

The standard of teaching was such that it actually convinced me I simply had no aptitude for languages.

It was only when I got out of school and started to teach myself how to speak foreign languages that I really made some progress and found success. Of course I was the same person, with the same mental aptitude, but the materials and the methodology I was using had drastically changed. I was no longer in school and being forced to suffer their antiquated ways of language learning!

During the last 10 years or so the science of language learning and our understanding of exactly how the human mind acquires language had made some massive leaps forward. Courses such as those my Michel Thomas broke new ground and I found them to be a complete revelation.

The most important thing I realized was this – Language learning is easy so long as the information is presented to you properly and by someone who really understands how to teach.

And to this day I still believe that Spanish is only as hard as your teacher makes it!

With that in mind I made this site to help you. My mission is simple – to make the entire process of learning to speak Spanish easier for you simply by breaking down and presenting the information in a clever way. To always assume nothing of the learner and instead concentrate all my energy on making Spanish easy to understand, assimilate and use.

The greatest motivator in the world is success. I know if you experience little success stories while learning Spanish on a consistent basis, you’ll always be motivated to continue learning.

That’s what the lessons here are designed for… to make learning feel exciting again because you’re constantly experiencing a sensation of “success” as you move forward through each one.

To your success,